Our Management

Leong Jin Corporation is the brainchild of Mr Ho Kiau Seng and he believes that a core team to receive the baton from him is essential for the company’s future success. Understanding and accepting that a fresh perspective is crucial as the world is constantly evolving, Mr Ho is open to new ideas that come forth. Despite granting the local management the autonomy to run daily operations, Mr Ho still continues to run a tight ship at Leong Jin Corporation.

With an ardent belief in education, Mr Ho places a premium on constant learning even for fresh talent and leaders. Staff with potential will also have the opportunity to go through trainings so they are able to inject new ideas to help grow the company. Although he readily embraces the latest trends, Mr Ho is not one who discards the fundamentals. Keeping the foundation that have served Leong Jin Corporation well is equally important. To ensure Leong Jin Corporation stays on course and thrive in the future, Mr Ho tirelessly grooms and guides his successors.