Our Subsidiaries

Incorporated in October 1999, LJC Heatreatment Services caters for the growing demand of heat treatment services from various offshore, marine and aerospace industries. It is a spin-off from Leong Jin Corporation; one of the largest special steel stockholders in the region.

The main feature of our heat treatment plant is our large electric operated furnaces that are capable to handle up to 10 metric tons of steel. We have 5 sets of austenitizing furnaces (ranging from 2MT to 10MT) which can be heated up to 1200°C. We also have 4 sets of tempering furnaces (ranging from 4MT to 10MT) that have double-circulation fans to cater for the stricter temperature swing that ranges of up to 750°C. Water, oil and polymer batch quenching can also be carried out based on customers’ specifications and all quenching tanks are located beside the furnaces to ensure the quickest quenching speed.

Final product testing for hardness in the Brinell scale can be verified by the King hardness testers. All testers are calibrated to the required specification as stipulated in the respective documents.  Overall, we also provide shot-blasting to remove scale after heat treatment, up to 3000kg per batch.

At LJC Heatreatment Services, we always strive to give continuous support to our customers. We place significant importance on employee contribution through weekly meeting, regular training, safety awareness and lesson learnt. The company has already achieved BizSAFE level Star and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.